To increase the global competitiveness of the South African foundry industry through the provision of appropriate services in order to reduce import leakage, increase local production, and increase investment in the sector.


The NFTN will provide program management, coordination, and facilitation to support and enable the revitalisation of foundries in the metal casting industry through appropriate skills training, technology transfer, and diffusion of state of the art technologies.

Our mission is achieved through the following four strategic objectives:

The mission is achieved through the following strategic objectives:

  1. Capacity building through optimization of the existing processes
  2. Technical and Regulatory Support to Industry
  3. Human Capital Development, Skills, and Knowledge Transfer.
  4. Stakeholder Relations, Awareness Raising and Communications

Traditional markets for locally produced products manufactured by the cast and forged metal companies in South Africa are becoming influenced by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) applying global sourcing procurement processes.

The Two levels of engagement that NFTN will measure and assess the foundry industry are:

  1. Firm/foundry level – activities targeted at the improvement of individual foundries and their immediate environment.
  2. Industry level – activities targeted at impact on the foundry industry as a whole.

Although NFTN believes it has made inroads into the fragmentation and overlap of role players (both public and private) within the foundry industry there remains work to be done.

The role of NFTN is to:

  • Provide coordination and facilitate collaboration within foundry industry
  • Disseminate information to both the public and private sector
  • Mobilise stakeholders around common initiatives
  • Diagnose key challenges and performance criteria on both foundry and systems level
  • Leverage and link public sector resources to assist in the improvement of foundries as well as the foundry industry at large.